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Deluxe Patient Kiosk System

Deluxe Patient Kiosk System

$4,995.00 Regular Price
$2,995.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

Deluxe Patient Kiosk System:

- All in One Dell PC - Touch Screen Computer- 23" large size 
- Topaz Signature Pad for sigining electronic documents
- Patient Carrel with Choice of 2 colors

- Patient mesh back chair on wheels with arm rests

- Onsite Networking  to existing computer network (wireless)

- Onsite Installation & Training

- Training includes setting up patient sign in forms such as Health History, HIPAA, Consent Forms, etc.

- Patient is gudied by receptionist at front desk to sit at one of the carrels and complete their eleectronic sign--in forms

- Patient completes forms on Dell touch screen computer

- Patient signs forms with attached Topaz electronic signature pad

- Screen then blanks out and readies for next patient

- Fully HIPAA compliant

- Sides of Carrel/Desk block others from vieiwing what is on screen


  • Create your own custom arrangement with
    Patient Sign-In Carrels
  • Just begin with a starter unit and attach as many add-on units as you need (see pictures).
  • Receptionist may direct 1, 2, 3, or unlimited number of patients to the carrels by assigning Carrel #1, #2, etc. to particular patients upon walk-in
  • EZ 2000 Plus Dental Software knows how to handle multiple patient intake
  • Perfect way to complete your Papereless Office!
  • A sturdy steel frame on each Carrel withstands heavy use.
  • Black metal connectors make it easy to arrange your carrels in create rows for multiple patients.
  • Features as easy-to-clean melamine surface.
  • Spacious 31 3/4" W x 22 3/4" D worksurface accommodatesAll-in-One Computer with keyboard, mouse and signature pad.

Cabling for cat5 is extra if wireless networking not possible.

Choose Carrel Color:
  • Details

    The EZ 2000 "Deluxe Patient Kiosk System" allows patients to complete forms electronically at a professional looking carrel at the front lobby area.

    The Kiosk is useful when you want a patient to complete forms in the reception area. It allows patients to sign in electronically, complete Health Histories, Patient Registration forms, HIPAA Acknowledgements, Medical Histories, Financial Agreements, and more.
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