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Digital Panoramic X-Ray machine

Digital Panoramic X-Ray machine

$45,000.00 Regular Price
$29,995.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
The Panoura 18s Digital 3-in-1 
Upgradable X-Ray machine.

The most practical advanced 2D and 3D dental imaging system.

Ideal for doctors who need Panoramic, Ceph and 3D capabilities all in one compact, low-cost platform.

Most Panoramic CMOS sensors use lower cost, more generally available materials that are less sensitive to x-ray. Therefore, these sensors must convert x-ray to light before converting to a digital signal. This can result in image blurriness because the extra conversion step can cause the radiation to “fan out” and inadvertently trigger surrounding pixels. The Panoura has a unique sensor design that converts x-ray directly to digital, which contributes to a much sharper image.

How do we create the gorgeous images we’re so well-know for? It’s the 16 bit sensor. A 16 bit sensor has twice as many grey shades that can be presented in each pixel as a 15 bit sensor and four times as many as a 14 bit sensor. In the end, a 16 bit sensor provides fantastic texture and contrast.

Not only do we do create bitewings, but our FMX Clipping feature creates 18 intraoral-sized images clipped from the pan with one click. Instead of taking 18 individual images with an intraoral X-Ray, they can all be generated at once in 14 seconds.

  • Details

    Technical Specifications:

    Sensor: Cadmium Telluride direct CMOS

    Levels of Gray: 16-bit (65,536 or 64K)

    Exposure Times (Sec): 8, 14, 16 (Panoramic Adult)
    6, 11, 13 (Panoramic Child)
    4 x 2 (TMJ)
    8, 10 (Cephalometric)
    11.5 (3D Dent Mode)
    11.5 x 2 (3D Oral Mode)

    Magnification: 1.2 - 1.29 (Panoramic, TMJ)

    Pixel/Voxel Size: 100 µm square pixel (2D Modes)
    80 µm cubic voxel (3D Dent Mode)
    100 µm cubic voxel (3D Oral Mode)

    3D F.O.V.: 4cm x 5.7cm (3D Dent Mode)
    7.7cm x 5.4 cm (3D Oral Mode)

    Focal Spot: 0.5mm x 0.5mm


    Tube Voltage: 58 - 82 kVp
    Tube Current: 2 - 10 mA
    Power Supply: 120 VAC +/- 10% (20A)
    Input: 2 kVa
    Total Filtration: 2.5mm Aluminum
    Software Apps: EVAsoft (Pan/Ceph)
    OnDemand3D (3D Modes)
    Weight: (Pan wall mounted) 287 lbs
    (Pan/3D wall mounted) 309 lbs
    (Pan/Ceph wall mounted) 375 lbs
    (Pan/Ceph/3D wall mounted) 397 lbs
    (Pan floor stand) 342 lbs
    (Pan/3D floor stand) 364 lbs
    (Pan/Ceph floor stand) 430 lbs
    (Pan/Ceph/3D floor stand) 452 lbs
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