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Digital X-Ray Imaging Software

Digital X-Ray Imaging Software

$2,495.00 Regular Price
$1,995.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
ClioSoft X-Ray Imaging Software
Advanced but easy to use Digital X-Ray Imaging Software

We have developed the most efficient touch screen software for intuitive navigation and smart editing capabilities.

Dental practices are always working around the clock, so blazing fast applications are critical for maximum efficiency.

There are too many countless hours office staff and doctors waste due to inefficient and difficult-to-use software.

That’s why we set out to create the fastest, most user-intuitive dental imaging software on the market.
  • Details

    One touch. One click.

    Whether you’re on a desktop PC or a Tablet PC, adjusting images never was so easy. From right there on the screen, simply click and drag or touch and drag up, down, left right for brightness/contrast controls.

    This is what ClioSoft is all about: intuitive design to make things quicker and easier for you.

    Make it POP!
    Customizable tool to adjust brightness, contrast, and sharpness, and detail enhancement with one click of button.

    Get perfect images every time without any adjustments.

    Tailored to your specific preference, "SOTA POP" saves time and increases efficiency.

    Caries Enhancement Spotlight
    Clio uses advanced technology to highlight potential decay sites on the proximal surface of the tooth. This ensures a higher rate of detection for lesions, decay and root abscess.

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