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Digital X-Ray Machine

Digital X-Ray Machine

$4,995.00 Regular Price
$3,495.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
IntraSkan (by Imageworks) Digital DC X-Ray Machine

By incorporating innovative technologies with the latest dual microprocessors, the INTRASKAN DC has the power and intelligence to enhance the experience for both clinicians and patients.

Excellent quality X-rays are produced by the 100 kHz high-frequency generator with a minimal dose.

The DC system significantly reduces harmful soft radiation, compared to conventional AC type machines.

INTRASKAN DC can also be mounted on a mobile stand for safe, quick transport and convenience.

The smooth, Drift-Free Positioner allows one to trigger the exposure from a distance without the concern of shift in Image
position during exposure.

The long Scissor arm enables reaching two patients in adjacent chairs.

The unit draws clean power from the mains, consumes negligible energy in standby mode and conserves energy with reduced
exposure time compared to AC machines.

INTRASKAN DC’s exclusive LCD display with its large, bright screen displays technique information clearly from any angle.

Easy to understand icons quickly identify tooth, receptor type and patient size.

Thirty pre-programmed technique settings streamline set-up and preparation for every procedure and every receptor.

Line Voltage 110V + 10% 60 Hz

Tube Potential 55 to 70 kVp

Tube Current 4 to 8 mA

Exposure Time 0.04 to 4 seconds

Min. Inherent Filtration 2mm Al Eqv. @ 70 kVp

Focal Spot 0.5mm (IEC 336)

Duty Factor 1:15

Shipping Weight: Wall Mount 100 Lbs; Mobile 170 Lbs

Applicable Documents 21 CFR, UL

Warranty 2 Years, Limited

Options Choice of ARM reach - 61”, 70”, 79”

Remote Timer
3” Additional Cone (Optional)

Mounting Suitable for single or two stud wall or mobile
  • Details

    Discover the Benefits:

    0.5mm focal spot

    Versatile operation with precise positioning

    Refined ease of movement

    Shorter times between exposures

    In-Operatory or Remote timer options

    Fully programmable operation, yet manually adjustable to suit individual preferences

    Three arm sizes to fit various operatories

    Switch instantly between adult and child or film and
    digital sensor settings

    Available as a wall-mounted or mobile unit

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